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Like most bloggers I’m pretty into my photography. I may not know all the technical aspects, the correct ISO settings, aperture and shutter speeds for certain situations but I like having a good play around with them and seeing what happens.

Of course, if I’m spending time playing about with the settings (as I usually do) great shots often pass me by. By the time I’ve figured out what I want the photo to look like, the moment’s gone.

This month I’m working with Panasonic Lumix ahead of the release of the brand new TZ100 4K camera.

They’ve set me the challenge of capturing inspiring travel photos in 4k and my recent weekend in Cologne was the first time I got to put this to the new TZ100 camera to the test.

I’ve heard quite a bit of talk about 4k photography but had not really understood the point of it before as explanations went into paragraphs of detail about the technical sides of 4k. All I wanted was to understand why it was different. The ultimate difference of 4k photography is that is allows you to capture movement in a way you couldn’t with a standard camera.

Well, you decide what it is you want to capture in 4k. Perhaps it’s someone making water splash or someone jumping into the air. The movement created by these actions is short, it doesn’t last very long and that makes it hard to capture with a normal camera.

You put the camera in to 4k mode using the 4k button and hold it while you capture the movement in the scene you’re shooting.

Then, when you’ve finished capturing that mvoement you can look through the video frame by frame. This allows you to capture the exact moment a stone hits the water, someone’s foot leaves the floor or the bubble bursts. I’ve added a few image sequences below so that you can see what this looks like.

Even on burst mode, which many cameras now have, I’ve found it ridiculously hard to capture myself jumping into the air on many occasions. But with 4k photography? It’s so easy to get that shot you want.

Plus, you’re capturing the movement in 4k so the images are super high quality.

We spent about 48 hours in Cologne and the majority of the time we were walking, exploring the city and keeping our eyes open for the perfect 4k photography shot.

It’s not as easy as you think to just find the opportunity, but when you see someone doing something cool you can bet we were happy we had our Lumix TX-100 camera to capture it properly.

I’m still getting used to the Lumix TX-100 and will do a full review soon (it even has a timelapse mode!), but here’s what I managed to shoot in 4k during our weekend in cologne

We walked up and down the Rhine a lot during our weekend in Cologne. On one instance our eyes were drawn away from the river itself and towards the BMXer pulling tricks right by us.

He didn’t seem to be busking, just using the beautiful sunny weather as the perfect reason to get out on his BMX and pull some tricks.

His tricks changed fast as he spun around and hopped on his BMX but, thanks to 4k photography, we were able to capture his movement without the images coming out blurry!

Where ever we go my boyfriend always has to take five minutes to skip stones alone the water. Even if it means skipping stones in a puddle…

In Cologne that water was the Rhine and it had a pretty great backdrop of Cologne’s seriously impressive cathedral.

I’ve tried to capture photos of the splash created by the stones as they skip across the bater before but, even on burst mode, the camera failed to pick it up quite as successfully as this 4k camera. And you’d have to have some seriously good reflexes to capture the splash without 4k photography mode!

I’m headed to Lille this weekend and looking to get some more awesome 4k photos. If you have any suggestions on what I could capture I’d love to hear them!