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If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram you’ll have seen that at the beginning of June I spent a week sailing around the Greek islands with MedSailors.

I loved it and you can see exactly why here. But if you’re still unconvinced that a sailing trip in Greece is for you here’s 10 reasons that I think will seal the deal…

Greek food is delicious. Think creamy feta, squeaky halloumi, fresh fish and squid, taramasalata, olives, tzatziki  and all the other mezze goodness. A Greek salad is not only makes for an absolutely delicious lunch but it’s healthy at the same time and that’s why Id call a win win situation.

This English summer we’ve been having has been dire. It’s rained more in the last month that I can remember and although it’s not cold it’s pretty horrible.

Over in Greece you’ll wake up knowing that it’s when you look outside your porthole or climb out of yor cabin onto the deck that you’ll be greeted with clear blue skies and a burning sun.

When I went in June the heat was pleasant and not too hot, im not so sure the same could be said about August. But, he plus of sailing is that you’ll get a gentle breeze as you glide through the water and when you’re anchored up you can jump into the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and cool off instantly.

Of the three itineraries MedSailors do, I think the Croatia trip is the most popular. I know far more people that have opted for that one than the Greece one anyway. Probably because Croatia’s got a but of a reputation for being beautiful die to Game of Thrones and maybe the fact that ive never watched that show (not even for a second) is why Croatia wasn’t the itinerary I went for.

Croatia also has a reputation for being a bit more party orientated, especially the more popular dropoffs such as Hvar.

Greece on the other hand is charmingly quiet. I really didn’t see many other tourists on the islands apart from those on the MedSailors trip and the streets are instead dotted with locals going about their daily routine.

The Mediterranean is, in general, a pretty flat sea which means that the rocking about and feeling sea sick is kept to minimum.

If you don’t usually get travel sick you’ll probably be fine but if you’re really worried about it then pack some seasickness pills just in case but you’d be very unlikely if you encountered particularly choppy seas whilst sailing in Greece.

I’ve seen some pretty spectacular sunsets in my time, especially living in Norfolk and when travelling south America but Greece had delivered out on a sunset spectacular pretty much every evening too.

If you’ve always wanted to give sailing a go but either didn’t fancy learning in miserable, rainy England or just never got round to it, you can combine learning a new skill with a holiday by going on a sailing holiday in Greece with MedSailors.

As you’ll be on an actual sailing yacht there will be plenty of opportunity to winch up the sails and be powered by the wind during your trip in Greece.

You can get as involved if you like so if you really want to learn how to sail then make the most of your skipper’s knowledge!

A sailing tip with MedSailors is pretty relaxing. You don’t have to worry about sailing the boat and making sure you’re going the right way as that’s what your skipper is there to help with.

When you’re sailing you can hill out on deck and when you’re anchored up yoh can lie in the hammock and take a quick nap.

If, like me, you can’t wait still for too long then a Greek sailing trip also gives you plenty of options for activities and adventures.

You can jump off cliffs into the sea, go scuba diving, water skiing, walking, swimming and so much more.

When you’re tired, take a quick nap and then get back to exploring!

Book your own MedSailors sailing adventure in Greece this summer or get planning for next year!