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 Unknown for many, Montevideo is the capital city of Uruguay. Established in 1724, it is the largest city in the country, with a population of 1.5 million people. Find out the top 5 things to do in Montevideo, Uruguay.

 Montevideo is often not consider a travel destination itself, but the entry point to Uruguay from where people go to Punta del Este, where the most popular beaches in the country are located. Your first impression of the city might not be the best.. the truth is Montevideo seems a bit abandoned with its old port, and quiet streets. Despite this the city has its charm: it is home to colonial buildings, sandy beaches and history is present in each street.

How many days to visit Montevideo?

 In case you’re wondering how many days to spend in the city, I think it all depends on when you’re visiting. If you plan on traveling during summer (December to March) or spring (September to December), you can enjoy the beach so 2 or 3 days will be perfect. If you’re traveling during winter or just want to have a general glance of the city, you can spend just 1 day in Montevideo and then head to other city like Colonia del Sacramento. All the things I’m going to mention below, can be perfectly seen in one day.

Visiting Colonia? Check out the best things to do in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

1. Ciudad Vieja (Old City) Ramble the streets of the old city and admire the colonial architecture. You will find Puerta de la Ciudadela, one of the only pieces of the wall that used to surround Montevideo that still remain. Explore Sarandi Pedestrian Street to find local galleries, shops and street vendors. Then head towards Solis Theatre, Uruguay’s most important theatre, opened in 1856.

Plaza Independencia is the old town’s main square

Puro Verso, is a lovely bookstore on Sarandi Street

2. Palacio Salvo

 Located in Plaza Independencia in the old town, Palacio Salvo is the most emblematic building in the city. It was once one of the tallest buildings in South America and it is a national monument.

The building was originally intended to be a hotel, but is nowadays occupied by offices and private residences. For the best city views you can book a guided tour to Palacio Salvo or even stay there as some apartments are rented.

 A brother building named Palacio Barolo is located in Buenos Aires (Argentina) designed by the italian architect Mario Palanti. You can read about Palacio Barolo in my article: World’s best buildings for amazing city views. 

3. Artigas Mausoleum Also located in Plaza Independencia, you’ll find the mausoleum in the centre of the square under Artigas sculpture. Jose Artigas is known as the father of Uruguayan Independence who fought for the freedom of the country. In the mausoleum you’ll learn about his life and the history of the country.

4. Mercado del Puerto Inaugurated in 1868, the Mercado del puerto is the place to experience local culture and cuisine. This market is located a few meters away from the port and it’s the perfect place to savour the local food: empanadas, parrillada, chivitos. It is a tradition to have lunch at this market on Saturdays. Outside the market, musicians gather and play Afro-Uruguayan candombe, while people dance and enjoy their meal. 

5. La Rambla La Rambla is the avenue that borders the city coastline of Montevideo. Ramble along La Rambla and relax at the beach if the weather is sunny. If you continue walking for a few km you will get to Carrasco, a residential neighbourhood, where you find nice sandy beaches and Hotel Carrasco, an icon of the city. A good option to know all the spots on La Rambla is to rent bikes.

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