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If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you’ll know that I spent a very luxurious weekend in Snowdonia for my birthday. I was treated to a couple of nights in this awesome Airbnb cottage (Dolydd Cottage) which is exceptionally well designed and the owner has clearly considered everything when it comes to putting together a luxury stay.

My request for the weekend was that wherever we stayed must have a fireplace. There’s something so cosy about them and I love the job of trying to get the fire roaring too. The host had left us some proseco, chocolates and some heart shaped scones.

There’s also underfloor heating throughout Dolyydd cottage. If you’ve ever experienced underfloor heating you’ll know how welcome it is on your feet when you haul yourself out from under the duvet in the morning!

The bathroom is something else. Two shower heads (one that’s like rain) and a jacuzzi bath. If I could have this installed in our little London flat then I most definitely would. Fluffy white towels and dressing gowns are provided and are perfect to cuddle up in before bed time.

Any one who has been to Snowdonia will likely have been taken aback by its wild and rugged beauty. A bit like the Scottish Highlands, the Snowdonia National Park is perfect for hikers and adventurers. There’s so much to do and explore and a weekend definitely isn’t enough. The weather wasn’t quite good enough to tackle Mount Snowdon so we’ll have to save that until next time…

Meantwrog, the village Dolydd cottage is situated in, is what you’d imagine a Welsh village to be. If you think of Hollywood films set in England (The Holiday springs to mind) the villages are often tiny, everyone knows each other and, more often than not, they’re set in beautiful surroundings. All that appears to be true of Meantwrog and most of the villages we stopped off in whilst in Snowdonia.

Meantwrog does have public transport running through it, so it’s possible to travel without a car. But cars do make things a bit easier and they save you from waiting at bus stops for ages in the pouring rain.

If you’d like to stay in this cottage (and save some money on Airbnb) then use this link to get yourselves a discount on any Airbnb stay.