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Thankfully, finding the best Instagram Places in Oxford. Exploring this famous architectural jewel of a city, a place that stuns you with its grand honey-glazed buildings. Unique stonework that set you back in time, as you enjoy your time in the city. Standing strong are the older medieval building while other newer buildings boast contemporary design. Finding the best Instagram places in Oxford isn’t hard, you have to know where to go. Here, we have gathered a few of the best places to explore and capture.

Oxford is a city filled with collages, each one as unique as the next one. However, Christ Church stands on its own as one Oxfords most iconic location. Standing tall over the town is the striking Tom Tower, designed by the acclaimed local architect, Sir Christopher Wren. An architect that is known for one of London’s beautiful places, St Paul’s Cathedral. Walking around one of the best Instagram places in Oxford gives a feeling of familiarity. For those who have ever seen the Harry Potter series, you’d be glad to know that this campus is one that inspired many of the sets for the famous films.

The local people of Oxford would most likely name the Radcliffe Camera (also known by students as ‘Rad Cam’) one of the cities most iconic buildings. Surrounded by honey-glazed cobblestone buildings, Radcliffe square sits in the center of the town. Build back during the early 17-century, in the Palladian building style. Rad Cam but one part of the famous Bodleian Library, and remains one of the earliest circular library buildings in England. The Radcliffe Camera is by far one of the 10 most Instagram places in Oxford, especially during early mornings when the square is empty.

For those looking for a great symbol of the medieval architecture, head down to the Divinity School. The school dates back between 1427 and 1483 it remains the oldest surviving purpose school building to use as a university. Though the school is not using this building for that the same purpose, it still open to renting for those who wish to have their parties or even weddings there. The Divinity School is attached to the Bodleian Library; this is one of the 10 most Instagram places in Oxford, so bring your camera and take a few pictures. Inside, with a guided tour, it is well worth a visit.

The hall acts as one of the ‘official’ formal places used for celebrations of the University of Oxford. Designed by non-other than Sir Christopher Wren, the building holds a special place for locals, as one of the cities best gems. To have a visit to this most Instagram places in Oxford, it’s easy to visit, when the building is not being used. Shaped in a not so common D-shape meant to remind people of the ancient Roman theatre that gives this Sheldonian Theatre it’s a unique appeal.

Why Oxford Is Worth While

If you want to visit the worlds oldest university museum, head to the Ashmolean Museum. Designed by Charles Cockerell, the building dates back to around 1841. Once entering the building, you’ll first notice the grand entrance and within filled with countless paintings, that artists around the world have created. The Archaeological specimens that are hidden inside remain one of the better reasons to visit as well. However, if you’re visiting the Ashmolean Museum, be sure to spend your afternoon there. By far the museum is one of my favorite areas to capture beautiful photos, that is why I count it as one of the 10 most Instagram places in Oxford.

Exploring the Gotic Revival architecture in Oxford will leave you breathless. The Natural History Museum in London is the closest example of how fascinating this museum is. Here, you can expect to explore the natural world with touches of architectural marvels. Such as, the carved columns that feature animals, plants and birds, and all that under an impressive glass roof. Not to mention that the museum has a grand collection featuring geographical specimen. From the famous Oxfordshire dinosaurs and some remains of a Dodo, be sure to have a look at the zoological part as well. Inside the museum, it’s quite easy to find Instagram places in Oxford. All you must do is walk around and pick where to capture your images.

Located not so far from Radcliffe Square, and close to High Street is the University Church of St Mary the Virgin. The building itself features stunning Gothic spire and is one of the more iconic buildings of the Oxford ‘skyline’ that features many old buildings. Perhaps the best part about this church is the 360-degree view you can get from the tower; it’s hard to find another place in Oxford that offers the same. So, if you want one of the most under-rated Instagram places in Oxford.

One of Oxford’s most loved architectural part of the city is the Bridge of Sighs. Linking Hertford College together, known around England for it’s a similarity to the Bridge of Sighs that are located in Venice. The constructions of this bridge were completed in 1914; it is quite a charming place to spend an evening. Bridge of Sighs is one of the most photographed places in the whole city, explaining why it’s on the list here of the 10 most Instagram places in Oxford.

This is where you head when you want to capture beautiful images of coffee, food or other places. The Grand Café features an elegant and glamorous mirror-clad interior, this is one of the best places to enjoy a sophisticated afternoon with cocktail or tea. The café itself is the first café shop in England, established in 1652, sitting here enjoying a cup of tea gives a feeling that brings you back to a more fine time in history.

No trip to Oxford is completed without a visit to one of the latest architectural gems in the city the Biochemistry department building in Oxford. The building holds its own in a town filled with historic buildings, featuring bold glass and steel design. On the outside, the glass is colored yet giving a contemporary feel that reflects the cutting-edge work that happens within the building.