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Who doesn’t love travel inspiration? I think we all do. And our journeys are made special with a companion – be it a soulmate, friend, a backpack, journal, memories and a dream. So here are 31 incredible travel partner quotes to live by. They will inspire you to hold on to wanderlust and keep traveling!

These travel partner quotes are my personal favorites and they have inspired me everyday and in every way possible – from this blog to life in general. 

This is my FAVORITE travel quote. And the website that you are visiting right now, ‘to some place new’ was inspired by this quote “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before”. 

When I started working and making some money, I set aside a goal of traveling to 2 new places – nothing far or fancy – just something new, unexplored and I have been able to live up to that. I used this travel partner quote as my guiding light – my constant value system. 

This world is huge and when you travel you will see how small our everyday problems are – the traffic, missed deadlines, misunderstandings and confusion. Travel to open up to new ideas, new perspectives and breathe. 

That’s what every girl wants to hear. Give her love, set her free, take her on adventures and she is YOURS. I say the best gift is the BEST of TRAVEL for your companion.

Be unconventional. Break the norm and stay adventurous in travel and otherwise! 

Pick a good travel companion – spouse, friend, family, book – on your journeys. 

Oh never ending love story with cities, with places and the journey itself. My love story city Paris and Lisbon. 

β€œThe most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself” – that’s how all travel lovers think and feel and it’s true. For people in LOVE with their partners, they see the wonderful world in themselves. 

Our world is what we make – memories, experiences and the people! 

Just how the person you love is where you belong and is your home! Again choose wisely and make memories!

A traveler can only understand a fellow traveler’s joys, moments and stories! 

Save this world and the climate. Don’t leave plastic, trash or bad moments. Breathe. Love and leave with TONS of great memories from everywhere you go!

This one is GOLD. If you love traveling, find someone who can complement your style of traveling and enjoys it.

It is no fun that you love to travel and your companion doesn’t enjoy it as much. And just like how true colors come out in rainy days, how much your partner loves you speaks volume when plans are spoilt, trains cancelled or weather is notorious, and you TWO still find a reason to smile and make the most of your trip.

So true. For the forever traveler, their love affairs are with the world, cities and their trips. And once you get into traveling, you cant take the travel bug out!

Roger that. It doesn’t matter if its India, Iceland, hiking in the Canyons, or kayaking in Banff – choose the right travel partner!

Stay adventurous and fall in LOVE with this wonderful world!

Go on. Strike a pose, these memories will carry you forward. 

Do something you LOVE. MARRY the one you love. TRAVEL the world and live your DREAMS.

Travel Partner Quotes